Anno Modal 1.0.0a Image Lightbox that provides a simple and nice way to create modal image dialogs that makes annotation possible.
•  Native Javascript: no Jquery, MooTools, Dojo, etc needed  •  Easy to implement  •  Fast  •  Ready in minutes  •  PHP script included  •  Ai file included  •  For all pages

Key features :
  • Easy installation
  • Native No Jquery, MooTools, Dojo, etc needed
  • Fast
  • Annotate images with ease
  • Original image is untouched, annotated layer is saved separately
  • Browse easily between images on your page while making annotations
  • Auto save
  • use signature feature to capture signatures
  • zoom to the original size
  • Touch & mouse driven
  • Lot of Options to control the Anno Modal

Anno Modal
Point out! Annotate! Mark!Anno Modal is designed to encircle or mark areas of interest on top of any image.
Click image to try!

HTML (Use "filename" to store the original full size image location)
SignatureAnno Modal Provides also an easy way to capture signatures on touch driven devices.
The signature will be stored with the given "signatueid" and can be used in any HTML document.

Click image to try!

HTML (Use a unique "signatureid" to save the signature)
Have FunJust an example to use Anno Modal:
Make a contest and let children finisch the drawing online and give the winner a nice present!
Click image to try!

HTML (use "annoid" to store the id of annotated image. by using "give" as value Anno Modal will provide a number for you. )
The HTMLWhat does this page need to run Anno Modal.
Head of the page. End of page